Vjerojatno ste čuli za popularnu relacijsku bazu podataka nazvanu Mysql. Elastično pretraživanje poput Mysqla baza je podataka koja se koristi za čuvanje i ispitivanje podataka. Međutim, elastično pretraživanje obično se koristi za pretraživanje cjelovitog teksta na vrlo velikim skupovima podataka.

Osnove elastičnog pretraživanja

Definicija iz Googlea elastično pretraživanje opisuje kao: „ES je baza…

Web services sheme


A web service is an application hosted on a server, which, in addition to its basic purpose, is designed to support the interaction between two machines over a network and enable the exchange of information between them. Every service and web service is considered to be if:

. Available online…

Creating a server object

To create a server, you need an http / https object that is built into the core node.js and we can import it as a module. There are two module options:

http-Http is one of the built-in modules that comes with Node.js and allows you to create a server to…

With the development of JavaScript, new libraries are also being developed daily. It’s hard to keep up with everyone, so I bring you a list of 12 useful JavaScript libraries that need special attention.

The most famous libraries are certainly jQuery and React, and the 12 libraries we present are…


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