9 jQuery FormValidation Plugins

Has it happened to you so far that you have to write your own form messages / notifications? Did you manage to style it? Does that take you too long? The solution is jQuery plugins for validating data in forms that make it easy to create validation rules.


jQuery is a JavaScript library that first appeared just 14 years ago, more precisely — at the end of August 2006. This free library is used by 65% of the 10 million websites with the highest traffic on the web (such as Microsoft and Nokia using it on their platforms), not only because it is free, but also because it makes it easier to navigate documents and many other benefits .

Its motto is “write less, do more” and through special plugins, developers are given even more opportunities to simplify code and manipulate objects.

Validating a form (eg entering an email) is very useful because it shows the user a typing error message at the very moment of typing and before submitting the form itself. The developers emphasize that “validation can be disabled (if you are skilled enough) and major validations should be done in the backend before the data is entered into the database (if entered into the database) or compared with the data from the database.”

Check out nine free jQuery plugins to validate forms in SitePoint selection and, if you have used them, tell us which one you think is best and most useful.



Bootstrap Validator is a jQuery validation plugin for Bootstrap. Although primarily used for native form validation using HTML5 attributes, there is also the ability to add rules. It always displays an error message from the browser, which is automatically translated into the required language.


Although this add-on is abandoned and the site displays error 404, its former owner, Eric Elliot, is currently looking for someone willing to take over the project and maintain it and is still included in this list. The addition of h5Validate does not currently validate the data entered by type, but there is hope that in the future someone will download it and fix some twenty problems.


jQuery form validator is a modular plugin that offers basic rules for validation and the ability to insert additional modules as well. file validator for file uploads, but also date, security, or location modules. It also provides the ability to suggest input information, and validation on the plugin is controlled by the HTML5 data attribute.


The jQuery validation plugin is one of the first validation plugins of 2006 to offer the ability to custom add validation rules via HTML5 attributes or JavaScript objects. Although it is quite difficult to find the details of this plugin, it looks like it will be improved in the near future — at least are so promised by its creators.


jQuery.validity is a plugin that only manages JavaScript validation, without HTML5 or data attributes. While these may be useful for dynamic validation rules, the plugin still lacks the options to write effectively. It also does not allow the use of a new type of HTML5 popit email attribute, nor does it have the provided form validation functionality that is required to display a notification that everything is OK.


Parsley is a comprehensive plugin that offers common options, such as localization and customization of validation rules, but also remote validation of Ajax. The documentation is legible and good and the project is constantly maintained. Validation rules are controlled through HTML5 formulas or custom data attributes.


Smoke is a set of components for Bootstrap that includes a form validator. Compared to the Bootstrap validator (the first on my list), this one does not use native validation in the browser, and therefore, error notifications cannot be automatically localized and validation rules must be specified via HTML5 attributes and data, as well as JavaScript.


Validatr is a browser-based basic form validation plugin that uses native error notifications wherever it can, managed by HTML5 form attributes. And notifications, no less, can be styled.


This plugin offers validation using data attributes but with limited options. Although it contains only basic validation rules, new ones can be added via edited expressions. Unlike other extras, Validetta displays balloon error notifications.

Website : https://www.alenibric.com.tr



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