How to Find a Job Abroad as a Software Developer?

If you know how to program, or are learning to become a programmer, you have made the right decision. There is already a large supply of jobs in this profession, which will only increase in the future.

There is a noticeable, and we believe everyone already known, expansion of this profession in our country, and especially abroad.

Because of this, it is not difficult for developers to find work abroad, and there are a handful of websites that do just that. Jobs are well paid, and companies around the world are willing to provide work visas to foreign employees.

There are many benefits to moving to a foreign country. You become more open to new, different ideas, thoughts, and experiences. You can learn the language, better understand the foreign culture and adopt new ways to work. It’s a daunting step, but it’s worth it.

How important is education and a diploma to find a job in computer science?

In most cases, a college diploma is not important. When interviewing for a job, the most important thing is the knowledge you possess and it is important how you show up on the technical part of the job interview.

For certain positions (management, research), companies may require a specific title due to official requirements. Also, in the first round of job interviews, your applications are reviewed by the HR department and college graduation may be an indicator to them unless you have stated otherwise in your CV. However, if you are a good programmer and have the skills, a well-written CV and a cover letter, you can have an equally good effect.


First, you need to find out the cost of living in the country you want, as well as how much money you can earn. On you can see the cost of living in the country you choose, as well as many other factors for that country and city, such as apartment rental rates (by size, distance from the center), home purchase prices, and average net wages, crime rate, pollution, traffic, quality of life, etc.

Also, on sites like and, you can examine pay for more specific jobs in more detail.

For example, on the site, you can enter the name of the business, or company, your desired city, and have the option to choose to see: average salaries by company, job offers, as well as job interview questions.

Also look at how much your job is looking for in a particular country, how many job offers are available. Based on this, you can decide whether the desired country is the right choice at a given moment.

How can you get a job abroad?

There are several ways to find a job abroad.

The first option may already be while studying (in college, while attending a course), it can happen that if you show a higher level of knowledge, or positively stand out, you will be noticed or the teacher recommends you.

If you already have working experience as a developer, you must have made various contacts by now, so associates or colleagues with whom you have worked on joint projects may recommend you.

So the first two options come via recommendations.

The third and most common way is to search for jobs online. There are a number of sites with job offers abroad:,,,,, as well as the already mentioned.

You can also search for job offers on the websites of the companies you want and apply directly.

One way is to find a job offer through LinkedIn, or get in touch with employees from your preferred companies, communicate with IT recruits, or employees in the company’s HR department.

Is language proficiency important?

Knowledge of English is, to this day, something that is somewhat implied and almost necessary to be proficient in an intermediate or advanced level. Depending on the country and the job you are doing, you need a second language knowledge. The advice is that if you decide to go to a non-English speaking country, spend some time learning the language, at least for some basic level.

Is it complicated to get a work visa?

Most often it is not, but the process itself can take several months (for Sweden and Germany up to 6 months). The Netherlands, for example, offers the option of simplified application for a work visa for highly qualified staff (which includes IT), so the process of obtaining a work visa is much shorter. Of course, the procedure is different for each country and it is necessary to investigate in detail what it takes to obtain a work visa, to be informed on the websites of embassies, to ask persons who are already abroad for their experiences, etc.

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