Practical Devexpress FMX Grid

After several years of preparation, devexpress finally released the first cross-platform Grid that supports Delphi FMX. This is a CTP (Community Technology Preview).

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Note: Project Closed from Devexpress

Today, I will use an example to illustrate how to use this new cross-platform Grid control.

First create a new cross-platform application.

Just like a regular VCL system. In order to run directly on the Linux desktop, we choose unidac direct connection to connect to the SQL server.

Right click on dxfmxgrid

Click designer.

Open the data table. Click to add missing fields


We compile to run under linux.

Can operate normally. The speed is also very good.

Since it is the first community preview version, there are still many functions of this Grid that have not yet been implemented. I hope that more functions can be gradually added in future versions.

Solve the problem of lack of killer Grid on FMX.

2021.1.10 Supplement:

devexpress has officially notified to give up this product, which is very regrettable.



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