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Software engineer or wizard, capable of transforming your idea into a competitive and scalable platform, to mix up every one of your desires and make a smart gadget out of it. It is available 24/7 because he does not sleep, dreams are overwhelmed for him. Also, he knows 37 programmers and speaks more than 29 world languages, knows almost all the operating system architectures, and never speaks the words in a row, without making a meaningful sentence. He is usually quiet and withdrawn, does not impose his opinion, but always knows what the best solution is. He does not read the daily press, Russian or French writers, but the official documentation and forums. You can see it in pictures of mature, company publications that you work, but never live because it exists somewhere outside your vision, outside your broom.

Reality or fiction?

I recently had the opportunity to hold a lecture on “Web app development” in a student organization, and I was a member until recently, and I was really surprised by the number of people who share the same interests and career aspirations.

Experience tells me that a large number of young people who want to deal with software development but do not know or have enough knowledge of what this implies, and how much less or less demanding it is.

Well, things are the following:

The first step is college education in this area or some other form of education that implies an interaction between the student mentor and the online learning platform such as Udacity, Udemy, Pluralsight, Coursera, edX, and others. During learning, it is very important to understand the concept on which the programming languages, platforms they are native to, additional services, development environments and tools that can further facilitate our work are based. So thousands and thousands of failers will build us a very important skill — problem-solving!

After the initial setup, time is for practice. There are a large number of companies and startups that can give you the opportunity to learn, develop and become better and better in your business. This implies a bit more serious work than a faculty and a little more challenge than ever before. The most important thing is to remain persistent and consistent.

The second step is, of course, employment in that or another company because the idea is to get students familiar with the platform and pass the complete flow of a project through independent tasks and practical work, including project management tools, slack, mailing lists, review queues, etc, and you may not have had the opportunity to do so earlier in college.

After that, we come to a Junior Developer and then we’re upgrading. Learning, Learning, Learning (Errors, Errors, Errors)! This is essentially the fastest way to advance and get to know this world.

The problem is that very few developers who have developed problem-solving skills, are agonistic and do not give up until they find the optimal way either for modeling a solution or its implementation.

This means that there are a large number of positions and companies that are open to learning and training, regardless of seniority, the problem is that young people are not in the business of this business sphere since the faculties are lagging far behind current technology with their plan and program. developers or do not have enough competitive knowledge and experience and have a lot of opportunities and choices, and thus create a quality outlook.

Originally published at https://www.alenibric.com.tr



Writer, Computer Enginner and Researcher.Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alenibric/

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